Thursday, September 6, 2012

Specifications Yamaha M1 2013 | Engine Yamaha M1 2013

Design Yamaha M1 2013

the arrival of Valentino Rossi and MotoGP competition in 2013, Yamaha has prepared a new bike, with an attractive design, the secret power of the latest machines, the precision in the chassis of the motor yamaha m1 2013. yamaha and all the crew saw winning the competition.
without much talk, yamaha team has tested the speed and stability of the motor yamaha m1 2013, but initial tests did not satisfy the team.

without giving them any, continue to improve their motor schema and change the settings of the chassis of the motor, and the results are astounding.
The following pictures of the test motor is prime:

speed test yamaha m1 2013

motor collections

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